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DaVinci 2.0 Duo Repetier Host and Slic3r Settings
Here are my settings for Repetier Host and Slic3r. I started a new topic because Slic3r was spelled wrong in the original topic so it wasn't coming up on search engines.[Image: 3_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 1_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 2_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 4_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 5_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 6_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 7_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 8_2015-11-29.PNG]
More settings...[Image: 13_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 9_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 10_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 11_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 12_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 14_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 16_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 15_2015-11-29.PNG]
Last of the settings...[Image: 17_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 18_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 20_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 21_2015-11-29.PNG][Image: 19_2015-11-29.PNG]
Some observations:

If you're printing a tall piece, you should always carefully level your bed. The more distant your print gets from the bed, the more exaggerated an un-level bed becomes. Eventually the primary or secondary nozzle will knock your print out of alignment.

Aligning the bed is easily done using a business card. Use the manual alignment setting and make sure a business card slides, with just a slight amount of contact, below both nozzles at each calibration stop.

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