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Small Area Print Tips and Settings?
Hi. Hope to get some help here.

How do you guys adjust for prints that has small base and increase in area as it goes up? One project I came across and have not found a solution is the skeleton from Thingiverse ( The 2of4-arms file has all small bone structure that doesn't make a different in rotation the model in X, Y, or Z axis.

So the problem is the base, doesn't matter how slow I ramp down the print speed (using S3D I have done 1500mm/min @ 100%, and also 50% speed) I am still getting very weak bond at the base, resulting the hothend just rolls around the non-bonded dot into a giant snow ball.

One solution I can think of could maybe help is slice and print everything in half and glue altogether, but this is quite extensive work for this many small components. wondering if you experts can shine some light on this issue.


(p.s. another side bar questions: while printing the first layer, the starting point is extremely hard to bond to the bed surface (blue tape or 110C glass with gluestick). I've also tried 1. To slow down the print speed down to 1200mm/min (10mm/s) which I think is super slow (you can fall asleep just by staring at it). 2. Lower bed height, the extruded filament is sooo flat that can't go any lower without skipping the motor. still no luck. What else can I adjust? X, Y movement speed?)
[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
When this happen to me
1 - I redo bed leveling - because it is always bed leveling when first layer do not stick properly ( if settings are corrects of course)
2 - If you do ABS do not use blue tape use glue and use 3 layers - If you do PLA change the blue tape after several use it loose the stick feature
3 - I use a skirt with 0 offset, it allows to increase base
4 - if still failed, I use raft, it usualy help a lot

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