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Davinci 1.0A repetier host 0.92 wont extrude consistent(PLA)
Hello everyone

a couple of days ago i started to have a problem with my davinci 1.0A when printing PLA (havent tested it with ABS). it will start extruding but it will do a strip of 5cm and then for 1 cm nothing. the strips will become shorter and shorter until it wont extrude anymore its stuck. also it is making a clicking noise. so when i open the extruder the PLA what was supposed to go into the nozzle was to thick. so i started searching online and they said recalibrate the bed so i did this 3 times no luck. another guy said that the temperature was to low but i am printing 200C and also tried 195C and 205C. in the attachment you can see how te end of the PLA looks like when i open the extruder and pull the PLA wire out of the nozzle (it is 33% larger than it is suppose to be compared to the rest of the PLA wire what is 1.75mm). also there is a picture what will show the strips of 5cm. sorry for the very pixelated pictures.

what is really strange about this all is that i printed PLA before with the same settings and same color just fine.

so here are the details

Davinci 1.0A
Repetier host 0.92
temperature 200C
Bed temperature 60C
bed hight calibrated with a sheet of paper.
PLA from apollo home brand.
extra strong hairspray as sticking material.
cleaning nozzle and bed every 3 prints.
2 days and 8:52 hours and 293.3m printed in its life.
wire supposed to be 1.75mm when pulled out of nozzle something like 2.3/2.4mm

if you need some more info just post it and i will provide.

hope someone knows what wrong

Greetings Sieuwe[Image: IMG_3867_2015-11-19.png][Image: IMG_3870_2015-11-19-2.JPG]
Assuming the bed is level, you might try turning off the retract feature. Also, check the glass to make sure it's truly flat. Some have experience working with the factory glass although I have not personally had the issue. Finally, what extruder are you using.? The factory extruders are not that great with PLA and require extensive modification to get consistent results.

Hello Kieth


first of all thanks for your reply. so i will go and test if it helps when i turn the retraction feature off this weekend. my glass bed is also not straight it is higher in the middle then on the sides. but i have calibrated it so that the front half is the right height and the back is way off so i can only use the front part so i dont think this is the problem. i am using the standard 1.0A extruder what i heard was good for printing PLA because it had a better fan or something like that. i will post if the retraction trick works but does anyone have some more ideas?

Greetings Sieuwe

I have treid to print without retraction but no luck. still the same clicking noise and nothing coming out. I have now also tried another color(blue) and it seems to do a bit better but ends also in clicking noise and nothing coming out.

I have noticed that a little flexible cap on the hotend where the tempeture sensor is located had fallen off. I dont know of this will show a false tempeture reading and will make the extruder to hot or to cold.

So if somobody knows a fix plz post.

Greetings sieuwe
You can check the temperature by letting the printer site overnight. After sitting, the bed and extruder temps should read close to each other if the sensors are being read correctly.Im not sure the cap you are referring to?

Some other things to check:
1) Make sure the extruder drive gear is not clogged with plastic. This is a common problem because, imo, the oem gear doesnt have enough bite. If you have a fair amount of use, search the forum for my "stupid fix" - it might apply to your extruder.
2) Re level the bed. If the extruder is too close to the bed the filament wont be able to extrude, causing the plastic to strip and the resulting clicking. Even if you tried this, try again. You could also set enormous distance so filament "strings" instead of prints intentionally, and let the machine run a bit to see if you hear the clicking.
3) Perhaps the nozzle is clogged - even the slightest obstruction can cause a problem.
4) Slow the print speed down
5) Raise/Lower the extruder temps a few degrees either direction. Keep in mind most every color is going to like its own temp.
6) take a look at the extruder gear really good. I succeeded in making the original 1.0 print PLA somewhat reliably, but the oem gear quickly wore out. Maybe it is time for a new gear?

Keep us posted.


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