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Stock XYZ DaVinci Extruder Upgrades to Nozzle
I have been lurking here for a while and wanted to share some of the mods that I have started making to my DaVinci printer. I have done the Repetier Firmware upgrade, but in this thread I wanted to detail things about my extruder.

I have some spare parts laying around from another printer project, so I decided to install a "MK8" style heater block and nozzle. I have not been happy with the amount of radiated heat that the DaVinci nozzle produces into the parts (ABS). My theory is that this heater block and nozzle will produce higher quality parts. I am using one with a 12v 40W heater and a thermistor.

I've done the fan shroud mod (very good)
I've added heat sinks to the aluminum mounting bar

Last night I machined a heat sink to mount and cool the nozzle throat. See attached pics.

I will be machining the idler wheel for ball bearings, and installing a more aggressive extruder gear. [Image: 20151114_145724Small.jpg][Image: 20151115_133316Small.jpg][Image: 20151114_153109Medium_2015-11-16.jpg][Image: 20151114_165110Medium_2015-11-16.jpg]
Quality work! Please keep us posted on how it performs. Looks likes you have the skillset and equipment to completely retool the carriage.
Tonight I machined the idler wheel to accept 6x3x2 bearings.
I also modified the idler wheel on the extruder for ball bearings. I used 6x3x2 helicopter bearings. This was all my local hobby shop had. They are tiny![Image: 20151119_210608.jpg][Image: 20151119_213529.jpg][Image: 20151119_213638.jpg]

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