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Davinci 1.0 aio def after upgrade
A couple of days ago, I've purchased a e3dv6 hotend and it's currently installed on my davinci 1.0 aio.

I've ran into some issues and therefore I've been using these great forums to sort them out. However I can't get the thermistor to work properly since it has been giving me the "def" reading or 114 celcius, depending on how I connect the e3d fan for cooling.

I've recompiled the software and flashed it to the printer changing the thermistor table to 8 and 5, both did not change any of this. (I changed the #define EXT0 thingy)

I feel like I now ran out of option on what to try next and therefore asking you as experts for advise.

I'll try to provide as much as information on the firmware and the setup

Repetier .92
I used a version specifically for davinci which allowed me to set certain values such as what type of davinci and I have and what type of motherboard it has, (j1/j37)

I did not soldered the e3d fan to te 12v on the motherboard since I've read that people had it working properly without this, it's now connected to the circuit board from the stock extruder that came with the printer together with the thermistor cable.

Any suggestions?

this is normal:
I've tried different tables but none om those work. Is there a step by step instruction on how to do this? I looked at the custom FW development forum and though 17 pages long, I can't figure out on how to proceed now..

I jumped the j37 on the motherboard and flashed repetier. 91 on the printer, this does not work, de display stays black and the printer heats the extruder, I can connect the printer with repetier host but can't control it or read any Temps.

On my motherboard the r29 resistor is not used, the bridge with 103 on it as I have seen on other posts is not there.

I've been putting hours and hours of work on it but whatever I do, it does not work at all, I've looked on the forums and although I'm not a total dummy, the talks about pins and settings are way out of my knowledge.

I hope anyone of you can give me a solution, or maybe a link to what firmware I should flash to it.


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