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Auto-home fails
I'm in need of some serious help here!

When I hit the "home all" option, the extruder does not return to home. On the Y axis it goes back a bit too far, and on the X axis it moves about 5mm to the left each time. (So home all the second time moves a further 5mm left each time, etc... NOT 5mm offset from home.)

any ideas? I'm thinking a broken sensor or something somewhere but I don't understand the mechanics of 3d printers enough to figure it out.
I figured it out and wanted to update this post in case anyone else runs into this issue.

Apparently from the factory the zip tie that they used to tidy up the cables on the right hand side behind the X-sensor was so tight that two of the sensor wires had snapped.

Just had to solder them back together and was good to go. Smile

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