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DaVinci 1.0A defect of extruder and bed after a while rep.92
I have bought my DaVinci 1.0A with serial start 3F10A in June 2015. After finishing the cartridge from the start kit i have only 2 sucessfull cartridge flashings by arduino. An interesting moment that cartridge was sucessfuly flashed but xyz software in spite of this didn't recognized it.. After that failures I flashed my printer with repetier 0.92 (luc) by bossac.exe and command line in win7.
New firmware was actually working but end ptintings were also terrible. I spend lots of time serching for right settings for slic3r thinking it would help.
But now my wayward davinci can not print at all. When it is just powred on everything is fine. it starts printing from sd card but after a while plastic stop getting out the nozzle and on the screen temperature value of extruder or both extruder and bed switch to "def"
Bed calibration gives the same problem: first pass is ok, second - def/def.
I'm so depressed with such a failure purchasing, because i can't fix it myself, i'm "dummy" in questions of programming and coding.
it is not programming problem, you have sensor issue, check your connectors one may be loose it is a common problem on Davinci, search on forum

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