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New Davinci 2.0(non A) Owner Questions
Hi I am new to the forums but have quiet a few questions.

I want to flash to repetier but i have a davinci 2.0 while i understand people are not able to get the 2nd extruder working i am ok with that
there will be a fix for it eventually. But from what i have seen there is no one sharing their settings for either Cura or Slic3r and I hope
that with this post someone will will share their settings for one or both as i would like to try out both to see which one would be better which
would be my own opinion. Here are a few things i would need

1. Repetier Settings (possibly eeprom export so that i can import the settings) I know extruder 2 wont work
2. Slic3r or Cura Settings
3. any knowledge or guides that are not well known that can help me in flashing the Repetier FW (Visual is best)

Thanks in advance for everyones help you guys seem like a good group and i know i will get the help i need or atleast be pointed in the right direction.
all these questions have been answered ( by me mostly and several time ) because I did the FW for my duo - non A, there are no issue I can confirm on FW specific for Duo, both extruders work perfectly but may need some calibration and correct slicer settings - I also shared my cura settings several times, to end, flashing a 2.0 is exactly same way as 1.0/1.0A and there is a video sticky

The trick is to use the search function and do not limit search to 6 month but any date, as I answered all of these questions more than 6 month ago, unfortunatly by default, search select topics within 6 month so no answer pop up but questions. doing the search before 6 month will pop up the answers

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