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Da Vinci 1.0a: Run Simplify3D with stock FW or Repetier?
Hi there!

My Da Vinci 1.0a will arrive today and this forum was a tremendous help getting into the whole matter of modifying my new printer - thank you!

Here's what I didn't completely figure out:

What difference in print quality can I expect when running the Da Vinci 1.0 with

- the stock Firmware J (as recommended by the S3D support documents) + Simplify3D


- running the Da Vinci with Repetier 0.92 + Simplify3D?

I know there are differences in what amount of control S3D has over the printer depending on the xyz firmware version (thats why S3D recommends the J-verison which offers most control options). I also know that repetier offers even more control options.

But I don't know how much of a difference running S3D+Repetier vs. S3D+J-firmware would make in the real world? People report getting much better prints with J-firmware + S3D vs. J-Firmware + xyzware. And then there are reports of much better results with Repetier + S3D compared to J-firmware and xyzware.

So, has anyone tried S3D with J firmware and then switched to S3D with repetier? Are S3D prints much better with Repetier compared to S3D prints with J-firmware?

I'd like to stick to the stock firmware if possible because of the warranty. But if I can expect much better prints from S3D with repetier, then its clear that this will be my way to go.

Thank you!
Hi Tony,

I have a 1.0A and Simplify 3D. I ran stock firmware for a long time with Simplify 3D before switching to Repetier. Simplify 3D in my opinion makes a huge difference in the quality of the prints assuming you have your printer set-up correctly.

To answer your question you can get decent quality prints with both the stock firmware and repetier with Simplify 3D. You definitely have a lot more control under Repetier. You can also use a number of difference slicers if you want other than Simplify 3D which is sometimes helpful. The primary reason I switched to Repetier was to gain more control over my printer and to also print any filament the printer can handle without using a resetter. I also wanted to switch the hot end to an E3D V6, athough you can run that on a stock printer from what I understand.

You can certainly stick to the stock firmware and get good results. I never upgraded my firmware from 1.0.3 on my 1.0A given things that XYZ did to not allow third party filament to be used with resetters, etc. I bought and used XYZZerocart for a long time and that worked great to allow me to print non-xyz filament on the stock printer. I actually don't need it anymore on Repetier. Like you I was hesitant to make the switch so it took me a bit to do it. So don't feel rushed and at some point you may want to have some more flexiability with the printer and repetier will allow that.

One quick tip that I would suggest is to use the "paper" level method to calibrate your bed. That will make a HUGE difference in the quality and outcomes of your prints. You can probably find that process on this site or over on Soliforum.

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