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DaVinci 1.0 died - help troubleshooting
Hi All. I am resident in Australia, and am trying to help out a friend. She purchased a 1.0 in March. It had heated plate issues and stopped working. Supplier no longer sells them says to contact the manufacturer for warranty but they won't respond. So we get on with trying to fix it for her.
The plate was replaced (not by me), but in the process apparently they managed to short the wires out just for a second. It seemed to do no damage, but the printer then would initialise sometimes but not others. After tidying up the wiring, upon powering up for about the 5th time, smoke escaped from the main Atmel processor. So I checked all the voltages, (AOK) and assumed it had killed the main board. Sourced a new one and it all looked good... for 10 minutes. After powering up for about the fifth time (now about ready to try a test print) it repeated the whole smoke thing, hole in exactly the same place on the processor. So clearly we have some other issue that takes a while to kill the board.... problem number one. Second problem, I can get the Atmel processor and change it on the board, can I then put come code in it to make it work?
Could problem number one be the extruder? Any other possibilities come to mind? Note that the replacement board had a connector marked "Fan" that was 7 pins on the new board but only 6 pins on the old, so I hadn't plugged it in. I traced the first three wires as being identical destinations on the board, but the fourth and beyond didn't match so I didn't want to risk connecting that until I found out more.
Anyone got any helpful suggestions? Cheers, Glenn.

I should add that it is the older board with full sized SD card on the right and removable stepper drivers. I assume I will have to replace the cpu, and happy to take advice on what to do from there.

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