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!!Help!! Da Vinci 1.0A - Removing R29 Resistor for E3D V6

I was about to remove the resistor R29 so that I can get accurate temperatures with the V6 but it looks like there is nothing there? It's a white dot.

I'm looking at the bottom of the board below the ATMEL chip - is this the right place?

I'm stumped & have no clue what to do now

Thanks in advance
This is the resistor I (think) is the one I should remove - but its not there?

Maybe it's a different resistor number (e.g R99) instead of R29 for the 1.0A mainboard

EDIT: I've done some resistance checks on these resistors. This is what I found:

R125 - ON:99ohm OFF:99ohm
R27 - ON:996ohm OFF:549ohm
R29 - ON:NO CONTINUITY OFF:656ohm[Image: r29.jpg]
Or am I completely off and it's on the breakout board?

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