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Printer stops printing
Hi All,

I having an issue where the printer stop printing out of nowhere and forms a bubble type of thing. However, the very last time I attempted to print something it just stopped and did not form a bubble.
Please see photos attached.
Any ideas are welcome.


[Image: image.jpeg][Image: image_2015-10-28.jpeg]
Have a look here good guide to problems,
The bubble looks like ooze, melted filament coming out of the hot end when it stopped moving and/or extruding. Can you give more details on the "stops printing" part? Does the printer shutdown, is there anything on the display, odd noises, etc...?

Thanks for replaying.

No, the printer does not shutt down, bed and extruder heater remain on, the printer just stops printing out of the blue, the nozzle stays where it stops printing.

Las time this happenned no bubble was formed but the printer did stop, the only weird thing I saw was that on the gcod log it said that an error had occurred.

I hope this answers you question and I hope you cam help me.



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