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Lower layers of print are shifting

I have been having problems with my prints inconsistently shifting. I think the problem has to do with the idler pulley, but wanted to get some other opinions before I take it apart.

The first print the bottom looks decent and then the middle just goes everywhere and the top looks awesome.
The second print everything looks good besides the cylinder.

Any ideas?


[Image: 20151025_212710_2015-10-26.jpg][Image: 20151025_204743_2015-10-26.jpg][Image: 20151025_205301_2015-10-26.jpg]
Looks like a combination of problems. Most likely the glass bed is sliding around and the Z is not staying consistent (shifting in x/y directions) because of loose bushings. Do a search here, there are multiple posts about this including ones showing how to fix both issues.


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