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Da Vinci 1.0A Repetier e3d v6 thermocouple upgrade
I've just installed the E3D V6 into my Da Vinci 1.0a which runs Repetier and I need to order a new thermistor because the first one is broken.
However, they incorrectly sent me the PT100 block in the first place and they said I could keep it.
Is the PT100 thermocouple compatible with the Da Vinci 1.0a? It mentions that it needs a spare analogue input pin and an amplifier.
As a quick answer (I have not looked into this myself,) my understanding is that using a thermocouple is possible, and in fact is necessary with some higher temperature filaments. I believe that you will need to make a few adjustments to the source code and upload the modified binary to your printer. Hopefully that will help you look in the right direction... I am certain others will give you more details than I can.

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