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The power of the sticky!!!
Let me start off by saying THANK YOU.

Thank you for all the people who take their time and energy to problem solve/hack/tech and all the other things you do with your free time, free of pay.
You owe us nothing and we owe you everything.

So the rest of this post may seem hypocritical in a few ways....but honestly I am trying to help.

This is soon to be, if not already the go to place for anyone who want to hack an XYZ machine. Its how I got here, no doubt how many of you got here and also how many that will never type one thing here have or will get here.

So the problem of most boards dealing with tech has already arrived and soon to be exacerbated.

All the info one needs is here..... the problem is that all the info one needs is EVERYWHERE!!! On top of that the basics and the advance are here but the oh so important middle is lacking, as it is in most tech forums/write ups.

Think of it like writing the instructions to making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.....

Get Bread
Get peanut butter and jelly
spread both on bread

Pro Tip: spread your BP and J on separate slices of bread so that its even.

GREAT..... but whats bread? where do you get it? I went to the thing called a store that you told me about and there was A LOT of bread....which one do I need?!?!?!
same as peanut butter. There was smooth and there was crunchy. There was organic.... which one did you use? Is that the same as the one I need? How do I spread it? With my hand? Ohhh a knife....I know what that is... but I only have serrated and so when I did it it had ridges in it and did not look like your picture. What in the world is BP and J and if I put it on separate slices when do I put it onto my sandwich?

That may seem silly but its not. The posts are made with the assumption that everyone reading has the same level of background information or base as everyone else. They don't.... If they did you would not even need a forum.

I read through the forums for days before I even bought my 2.0 and honesty everything went out the window for the most part when I got a 2.0A with 1.0.B on it. At least I knew from spending hours pouring over things that the lower the number the newer the Firmware.

Since then I've spent more time reading the forums looking for how to flash this thing, including the first posts when you guys were alerted that there is a new board type and the jumper had been moved to a contact.

I've read other people asking how to flash with people responding to look at months old posts that then have two links to slightly related topics that then have links in them which have links in them which....... GET IT?

Luc even has a post where he says he was able to flash WITHOUT A JUMPER simply renaming a file from the firmware he wanted TO the name of the file that the board/SD card was looking for. Someone asked for clarity/confirmation and the answer was not really clear.

Let me repeat that.... Luc has a post in the middle of another topic where he says he was able to flash a machine without ever opening the machine, simply renaming a file. Of course the location of the file was not very clear, nor where the file is supposed to be put, because it was done between two higher level forum users and was slightly off topic. But that surely should have been stickied or highlighted and I'm not sure why it was't.

So this brings me back to the topic of this post... WHERE IS THE STICKY?

I mean a clear, concise multi level of experience definitive post that says Machine 1 (identified by this criteria) will have this Firmware (identifiable by this criteria) you do THIS with a basic (you can call it dummy if you want to) step by step with no technical terms, no abbreviations, no jargon) with pictures/screen shots. Machine 2 (identified by this criteria) will have this firmware etc etc.

Especially when it comes to the 2.0s and the AiOs where there are so many different boards/firmware combinations with a need to upgrade or downgrade to even begin to flash this stuff

If I knew half of the technical stuff you guys had mixed in with the basics I'd organize this myself, but then of course I wouldn't need it would I.
Not being one to talk about a problem without a solution then we will just have to go to the age old one.


Someone make a concise sticky post with the steps to do this where anyone who has a 9-5 and only has a few hours a day to devote to any of this....OR the person who has quit their 9-5 to pursue this as a job can go to and get this step knocked out so that they can spend their time actually tweaking their craft, name your price and once agreed on I will paypal/dwolla/paybuddy whatever you want to use, the money to you and get this knocked out for the good of all others....

If not you are all going to get inundated with the constant "what do I do" or "i did this and now its broken HELP" posts further cluttering the already constantly cluttering posts. They are going to tack on non relevant stuff on the end of 3-6-or even year old posts.

I'll pay to make sure this does not happen although once again I wonder why it is this has not been made a sticky already.

Luc has already worked wonders for moving all this along, if anyone owes anyone anything, don't we owe this to him? I think so and I'm willing to pay for it to be done.
You make some great points. The fact of the matter is most of us have full time jobs, and are simply unable to read every single post much less than that's the time required to organize it as you're saying. What you bring up regarding Luke and renaming of files is certainly a valid point. The fact is BG and I passed information back and forth publicly that really belongs more in private, same with this file name thing. While there's no effort to hide the information, it's not necessarily beneficial for any other users. In some cases it's simply asking for trouble.

Anyhow, you're certainly welcome to take a stab at organizing it and simply click the report to moderator button once you've done so and I'll move it to being a sticky.

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