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blown fuse?
Hi guys,

Could someone please take a look at my Duo board here and tell me if R47 (just left of the caps) is meant to be a fuse?
I was messing about with the control board that sits on top of the extruders and I think I let the board touch metal and blew something. Now my extruders won't heat up, the lcd won't turn on (buttons still work), and the 5V led just to the right of the caps doesn't turn on.

Before I mess with this further and try and replace the resistor/fuse I'd love some help. Thanks

[Image: IMG_20151020_205523.jpg]
yes both r47 & r57 are fuses. so if r47 is blown your LCD will not come on, and r57 if blown gives you 2 black bars on the LCD screen.
Heaters are 12V, I'd be looking at the 12V traces... not 3.3V and 5V
Hey guys, thanks so much for your replies. Now I just have to wait for some SMD fuses to arrive.

Tom, I'm hoping that the chips that turn the heaters on run on the same 5v and that will fix it but I guess I'll see once I get the lcd on.

I'll update as soon as I can.

Thanks, Mitch
R47 was the problem after all Big Grin As soon as I replaced the fuse the screen and heating elements started working again perfectly.

Thanks again
I'm having the exact same problem. No power to LCD Back Light and the heaters. Which SMD fuse did you get to replace r47?


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