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wctek xyzhub usb camera instructions and setup
Hi wctek won't respond to my request for information on how to setup and configure a usb printer on their xyzhub. I have tried 3-4 different usb cameras that all work locally to system. When I plug in the camera and go to xyzhub and try to view it redirects to ip:8080 but no video on any camera I have tried. I am guessing my xyzhub recently purchased is missing a config file. The readme doesn't include any information on the camera. The xyzhub works for printer functions as stated. Does anyone have any info on configuration for a camera on an xyzhub?
The xyzhub is VERY picky on the cameras. I tried many before I bought the one from wctek that worked FLAWLESSLY. It is worth to get it, WCTEK did a lot of testing before recommending the one they sell. I use those on two of my hubs and they work very well.

Other cameras, although similar looking, either did not work at all or very sporadically, even the high end Cisco ones. Buy the one from WCTEK, I believe you will enjoy it.
I can't buy from a company that won't respond to request for info after I already purchased from them. I am just asking for config file info. Does your readme indicate anything about the camera? They make a profit providing hacks to make the Davinci more open but aren't willing to provide an open product.
well the information you request they sell it : An unlimited device licence is also available from the developer's website at a very low cost (information on how to do this is included within the XYZHUB documentation).
So of course they won't give it for free.

Now you can try to check what is their camera and then deduct what camera is working and so what change could be necessary to make another one working because config file is one thing, but you also may need additional drivers for kernel
They may not know. I discussed at length with them trying to use different cameras and they frankly told me that it would be unstable and they did a lot of trial end error until the found a model that worked well. I found that out on my own until I gave in and followed their advice and have been very happy since.
Yes, it costs a bit more, but worked flawlessly and I believe they more than earned their money.
Thanks for the reply Schwerer Gustav. I haven't received any reply from Wctek with multiple attempts in several months. Was your plug and play when you got the camera they provide or did you get some updated files? As I said in my first post no mention of camera setup is mentioned in the readme or the doco sent with hub so wondered if any existed or someone figure out how to use another usb camera? I did configure another R-pi with fswebcam and two of the cameras worked fine after setting the correct resolution. I just didn't want to dedicate a R-pi to the camera when the XYZHub was already connected. I don't think it is a license issue as luc indicated as I have tried it with only the camera connected.
The cameras I tried were hit and miss. I did not reconfigure any files.
Once I got the cameras from WCTEK (I have two hubs on two printers) they worked flawlessly.
I also bought the full licenses for the two hubs I have, since it is very useful to have a few HDD's attached. Access is a bit slow, but good enough for video streaming across the network.

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