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installed different firmware 1.1.3 on my da vinci aio
after installing the firmware, still getting 2 black bars on the printer, not sure what to do next[Image: AIOFIRMWARE1.1.3.jpg]
Until I get an aio there isn't much I can do to help...

bossac cannot be used to flash 1.0A/2.0A or AIO with stock FW - it does not work, they modified FW in a way only stock FW can flash stock FW that is why there is no way to revert back from repetier on 1.0A/2.0A or AIO.
To flash stock FW on 1.0A/2.0A AiO only 2 ways :
1- Use XYZ software
2- Send back to repair center
If you already use bossac - only repair center has the tool to flash as far I know

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