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Da Vinci 1.0A FW 2.0.0 printing smaller than what is drawn?
So I have had my 1.0A now for about 3 days. After finally getting the bed calibrated (by luck nonetheless) I have noticed that a part that I made (of my own design) is coming out slightly smaller than what is drawn.

Not alot smaller but it is a part for a throttle body I am making for my boat and it has to be fairly close to what I have drawn.

Also, I have noticed that when it prints a circle, the circles come out slightly oblong.

So my questions are,

1. What would be causing it to print at a different size (no scaling has been applied) than what I have drawn? (i.e., Internal diameter of the attached part should be 1.246". Part measures 1.1875" to 1.125" (Due to it not being a perfect circle).

Picture is a bit grainy. Part is actually very smooth.

I understand alot of people are going to chime in with remarks along the lines of ditch the software, ditch the firmware, etc. I understand your position and appreciate it. However, I have only had this machine for 3 days and it works now and would like to keep it that way.

Thanks for any suggestions!

2. What can be causing it to print a circle in an oval shape (consistently)?
Do a search here, there are multiple threads about circles not being around. Your fix probably lies in the shims and the belts.


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