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New neck for Davinci 1 to have a Teflon coating ?
Can the following part be used to thread into the original hot end so one can use PLA/PVA ?

No, you have to install a different extruder
Is there a neck that would match the thread on the existing Davinci extruder and have Teflon inside that would make it a lot easier than replace the whole head ?
Is there a way to get a really thin Teflon tube to squeeze into the existing Davinci neck and still leave enough space so the 1.75mm filament can go through ?
I've already answered your question as clearly and concisely as possible. Don't reinvent the wheel, buy a better extruder... or deal with the limitations of the OEM one.
Also, you'll quickly learn that PTFE in the hotend has it's own issues. Check out the replicators/clones that use the mk8/9/10 hotends. Lots of issues with the PTFE tubes and it limits the max temp you can reach. That's why companies are using all-metal hotends... unfortunately, the davinci's is just subpar.

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