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Da Vinci 2.0A: Bed heats up and then stops
Bed Does heats up to the temp specified by the cartridge but then doesn't continue to keep it heated.

running a 2.0A with 1.0b firmware
using an XYZpro to set bed temp at 50C

I think it is some sort of security feature xyz has put into FW 1.0b to prevent people from using a cartridge resetter to change the temps.

I used it as an excuse to finally make the jump to repetier. Honestly, the setting up the software side of repetier-host took a couple hours and its not perfect (the extruders are switched so the opposite extruder purges when hovering over the drip tray) other than that it is super nice to be able to change temps on the fly and being able to slice without being connected o the printer is awesome.

In all honestly, XYZware produced beautiful prints for me just by changing temps and printing PLA

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