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control software
Hi guys greetings to all of you on the forum.

about a year they hold the printer XZYprinting3D DaVinci 1.0AiO with firmaware upgraded to 1.1.5, all in all I am not bad except the scanner and 'pitiful indeed ultimately not calibrate more'.

I'd be eager to install control software more 'funny but I have very confused ideas.

What software do you recommend? Cura3D or Repetier?
With software 1.1.5 and 'you can do the operation?
Do you have any links where clearly explains the procedure?
I would find myself with the printer inoperable.

I thank you for all the advice I found here 'on this magnificent forum
what do you call : control software ?
To control software mean software other xyzware original, I read the various posts but all refer to older versions of firmware.
I'm Italian so I used google translator, perhaps you understand evil
Ok :
(1)host = program which allow to send GCODE commands to printer and control the printer
(2)slicer = program which convert stl file to GCODE commands file that printer can understand
(3)all in one = host + proprietary slicer

even cura and slic3r can be hosts(1) they are not really great at that - they are more considered as slicer programs (2) - both are good but personally I have big preference for cura, it always gave me better results, and have better support for dual extruders, both are free, linux/windows/osx

repetier host is a host(1) and it can use cura or slic3r or any configured slicer(2), it is easy to use, it is the optimal host for repetier fw as it use binary protocol instead of text to communicate with printer, it is free, linux/windows/osx

pronterface/printrun is a host(1) but I did more than 2 prints, it is free, linux/windows/osx

craftware is an all in one (3) has better support management than cura/slic3r but cannot support dual extruders printer last time I tested it, it is free, windows/osx no linux

Simplify 3D is an all in one (3) and it is the best slicer IMHO, but less good than repetier for communication, it is not cheap but it really worth the price, this is what I use, linux/windows/osx

these are the ones I tested, of course have more :, and different people will have different preferences

NB:XYZ is a limited version of repetier and use very old version of slic3r, at least last time I checked, one year ago....
You've been very clear, now I understand everything.
So what I was looking for and 'how to host repetier stl files I create them with solidworks and slicing it to do with care or slic3r.

I wanted to know the correct procedure to change the software or there 'risk of remaining with the printer stops.

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