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Guide to flash repetier to your Da Vinci printer?
Hey folks, has anyone managed to put together a guide for flashing one of these printers that's NOT a video? I need something I can actually scroll through and reference.
I attempted to spell it out here: From what I remember a couple folks added additonal clarification that made it pretty clear. This was awhile ago so adruino version probably needs to be higher now. The above post along with Luc's github firmware instructions should get ya going.
Sorry to spam your thread, but a word of advice, hang in there. Ive been in IT for the past 20+ years and was overwhelmed by 3d printing. I started to feel like I just wasnt smart enough to comprehend it. Luckily i had some experience with firmware flashing phones and small projects with adruino. This forum is great but dont expect anyone to hand hold. Some put forth more effort than others, but most understand the frustrating learning process is necessary in order to comprehend it. If you get hung up on a step, walk away from it and come back, or google it outside of 3d printing context. More importantly have fun with your printer while youre learning and dont try to take huge jumps, like stock to printing Flex. Im now blowing friends away that have $2k+ printers, partly due to hardware mods but mostly from lessens learned by printing and failing. Good luck!
can someone tell me if its ok to flash the ayz all aio with scanner?? will the scanner still work??
XYZ 3d printer and scanner all in one i mean, thank you

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