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Lightning strike - Now Da Vinci unknown device
took a lightning strike close to home a couple of weeks ago. Took out some ethernet ports on some computers, switches on my network and a usb port on a computer or two. Prior to this, my DaVinci 1.0a on repetier .92 was working fine. The computer the printer was connected to lost the ethernet port. I just noticed this weekend that the printer is now showing up as an unknown device. The printer itself works fine and the lcd works great...just can't connect with usb. I took an old laptop and installed the arduino software on there, including the usb driver. It is still showing as an unknown device. Did the lightening make it to usb on the printer and fry it? Any options for me to try? Am I screwed?

Any help would be appreciated.
Unfortunately, it is possible for a power glitch to damage the microchip. One of the symptoms of a damaged chip is the inability to be recognized via USB. However, because you chip is still functional and it is booting otherwise, I doubt that is the problem. It is more likely you have a bad cable or something configured wrong. If you are curious do a search for my black bars thread and you will see where I replace the chip. It will give you a good idea if you were able to do it or not. If it needs a chip, your best bet is to find someone local that can replace it, otherwise consider changing to ramps.


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