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E3Dv6 VS B3 Pico
I'm planning on upgrading my DaVinci1.0 soon since I would like to do PLA and I have one of the older models with the filament sensor that makes this impossible. I've been researching back and forth about the different hot ends and positive/benefits as well as a lot of the STL files from here (This board has been a huge resource, thanks to all who support it) and was just wondering how the no fan with the B3 Pico even though SS deals with the heat especially with the 500c upgrade? I don't think I could get those temps out of the E3Dv6 and would like to do some "exotic" filaments that require the hotter temps. Also some have mentioned of the B3 breaking and there's currently no warranty on them.

Thanks for any input!
The filaments answer can be easily bypassed with a piece of tape. It won't stop you from upgrading. Most hardened essentially have zero warranty for all purposes. I've not heard of the b3 breaking. However, I really don't follow the b3 since I'm using the e3d. While the promise of the b3 is high temperatures sound great, the reality is there aren't a whole lot of filaments that you need to reach that temperature for. I'm not sure if your particular circumstances, which of course could be a lot different than mine, but I have found that I can print it 260 without any issues at all using the e 3-d. At 270 the PTFE liner fails. in addition, I have read several reports of the b3 being extremely finicky.

Best of luck

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