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Best PLA Filament for Davinci 2.0?
I have a flashed davinci 2.0 and I was wondering what is the best third party PLA? And does soft PLA work with the Davinci 2.0 (If so could there also be a suggestion for this filament)?
Fully Flexible with not work without changing extruder but this one is semi flexible and can be found cheaper I paid £23 a kg free delivery but have lost the details at the moment when I do will add, it has certain amount of give and is far more durable than standard PLA or ABS. I have used this on all my printers (Duo 2.0a- standard and flashed, Prusa i3 and Delta Bot) with no problems but don't expect ninja flex softness or stretch its a soft PLA.
PLA filaments print in bright colors and at a safe, low temperature making it a favorite among our users as well as perfect for family settings. PLA plastic placed in an environment or water bath exceeding 50° C (122° F) will soften and deform. Hence, properly seal and store all unused PLA filaments in dry, cool areas Enjoy the pleasant sugary scent emitted by the PLA filament give during printing.
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