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Has anyone used painters tape?
I've tried 2 different brands of painters tape and I have had no luck. The only time it sticks is when it prints 2 lines at the front right of the bed. I have recalibrated the bed and I am running stock software and firmware.

Ive used painters tape with great success in the past, but with PLA. If you are on stock, youre probably using ABS. With ABS why not use glue stick or ABS slurry? ABS slurry is super easy to make with scrap filament and some acetone, and works great for [strike]PLA[/strike] ABS. When I first started printing I thought bed adhesion was failing due to the products I was using. With a little more experience, Im finding glue stick works fine for ABS, and it was my printers settings that were causing prints to come off the bed. If your nozzle is low enough to snag on the last layer, nudging it off the bed, then your calibration is off. My main issue was hotend was too hot. While it layed down really nice layers, it was causing the layers to bow upwards and then the nozzle would snag it.
I have been using the abs slurry and it works great. Sometimes it works too good. I have chipped the top of my glass 3 times because the part was stuck on the bed.

Slurry does work quite well, can be messy though. Again, Ive only tried this for PLA since ABS seems to hold fine with a gluestick, but you could try hairspray if slurry holds too well. Wad up a paper towel and spray it a couple times with high hold hairspray. Blot the bed with the paper towel/hairspray. This will hold pretty well, and can be loosened by a couple drops of water around the print edges, if needed. You could also try less ABS in your slurry recipe.

Painters tape is typically used for a non or very low heated bed, which is why its used for PLA. Not to sure how easy its going to clean off when youre heating your bed to 90c.
I will give the hair spray a try. I'm thinking about trying one of the buildtek sheets.

I've had very good success on both PLA and ABS using a weak sugar water mixture (1:1-1:3, table sugar:water). I apply about a inch diameter circle to the center of the clean bed, spread around with a damp paper towel and heat up the bed. Once dry, it doesn't feel tacky and parts almost pop loose once cooled but adhere tightly assuming you have the initial layer height adjusted correctly. I still use a brim for ABS but mainly for minimizing warp. Lasts through 8-10 prints, wipe with damp cloth and reapply when you notice it isn't adhering as tightly as before. The only downside I've found is that you have to wait until the bed is pretty much cooled back to room temp. This works even better on my other printer with removable glass since you can cool it down faster.
Phillip, I havent heard of sugar water b4! Im definitely going to try that. Starting to get cold outside here so Ill be firing up the davinci again soon. All this hairpsray was causing 80's flashbacks...cotton candy brings back better memories for me. Wink Thanks for the tip!
I can't take credit for the method. Here is where I originally read about.,46...msg-464474 There are several more threads mentioning it on this site.
ive used blue painter's tape, heating the bed to 70c and had good results with ABS
Did you use anything else on the tape, like a glue stick?
No, just the tape, I've tried like two different brands of "painters tape and get the same results. As long as my bed is level and lays down a good first layer I have no adhesion problems
Thanks. I will give that a try.

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