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New to 3D Printing and had a few questions before i start
Hello everyone My name is Mike but most people call me Ferret anyhow I was looking around for info on the Da Vinci 3D printer and found these wonderful forums along with soliforum.
I just bought my first 3d printer and am so excited to get started! I got it open box from Microcenter for $230+tax so really how could i pass that up?!

A quick note on my Printer as it currently sits.
its a Da Vinici 1.0
Model 3DP01
Has the JP1 jumper mobo setup
Firmware is ver 1.2.6
Has a shallow chip towards the back of the print bed. ( i know this will eventually need replaced, think XYZ will even consider to warranty it?)
And didn't come with the software CD,USB or power cables, or starter filament.

I already bought a XYZ cart since I pretty much assumed that I was going to need the cart even if i could use other brand filaments with the various tricks out there.
So that brings me to my first question ( Was I wrong to buy the cart?)

My next issue comes down the to software part. I'm well aware that i can get the software directly from XYZ at

or some of the older ones on the forums here at

but my questions relating to this is that I've read that the XYZware has some known issues with the quality of the slicer.
The DRM attempts with the filament carts ( I gather a simple resetter made from a mini pro can take care of that but then runs into other various issues)
And that the newer versions of the software auto updates firmware that cannot be downgraded and also has a remote kill switch?

Now for the actual questions
I've tried to without much success to find the history of the firmware. Where can i find that info?
I've seen that Firmware 1.1.J is the most popular stock firmware on the forums, can 1.2.6 be downgraded to it? (or should i even bother?)

Given that the XYZware slicer is said to be absolute trash should I even bother getting started learning with that software?
I eventually plan to print in more then just ABS if that makes any difference. (so far im interested in PLA, Nylon, and wood)

If the answer is yes which version of the software is safe to use so that I don't have to worry about the auto-update locking me out from flashing Repetier 0.92 later? ( Im aware that I should block the .exe in my firewall but am unsure if the newest version straight from XYZ has counter measures to this)

Would instead learning how to use the SD card hack be more beneficial ? Can that method's quality compare to Repetier Host or should i Just go directly to the deepend and install Repetier host + it's Firmware?

Given that i plan to eventually print in other the other Filaments should I just make the leap and get a E3D V6 asap or try some custom cooling solutions out like I've seen some forums users use, such as

Overall I guess what I'm saying is that I've done plenty of research and sorta got an idea of what's going on but want to make 100% sure that I'll be doing the right thing before making some mistake that I cannot undo.

Thanks for reading my mini novel here :/
Know that any help will be and is appreciated, thanks!

Welcome to the forums and to 3D printing Ferret!

Most of the answers you will get are someone's opinion... so here is mine.

The XYZ software/firmware is not all that bad really. It is very easy to learn and use, and it protects you from some choices that the more sophisticated (holy crap did I really spell that right?) software can force you into. It is intended for the "average joe" to start printing right away. I get the feeling you however are not the average joe. I would say, sure go ahead and load it up, stick in your cart, and make a bunny rabbit to amaze your friends and family with. Then when you have the XYZ stuff mastered (Id say late tonight sometime) consider Repetier firmware and Host. When you get those loaded and dialed in, you will never look back. Oh, and buying the cart was fine, maybe even necessary for your first print(s).

Enjoy, this is an amazing journey!

Thanks for the reply James, It's much appreciated.
Which version of the XYZ software would you suggest I download?
Funny you mention mastering the software late tonight.
I happen to work 2am-10am EST so will likely have a reasonable amount of time to devote to learning it all Smile
Once again thank you.

I am sorry, I don't know which version to suggest. I switched to Repetier maybe a year ago when XYZ was degrading print quality if they thought you were using a hacked cartridge. My expectation is that you will switch to Repetier as well more sooner than later so I don't think the particular XYZ version really matters all that much.

Don't bother at this point with the cartridge hacks, go straight to Repetier. After you flash the firmware your DaVinci cartridges will still work just fine.

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