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104GT-2 Thermistor is going away sort of
This is an FYI post, maybe it should go in the Hardware Mods forum (and if so, I am sure it will get moved.) However it seems to me that this is where most discussions on thermistors happen.

The trusty Semitec 104GT-2-20201 thermistor has been 104NT-4-R025H42G. Below is a comparison of the resistance values, as you can see, they are very close. The beta value for the 104GT-2 is (was) 4267K ±2% determined at 25°/85°. The beta for the 104NT-4 is also 4267K ±2% determined at 25°/85°.

[Image: Thermistors.png?dl=0]

Well fine. I can only have two links per post it seems. If you want to see the temp/resistance numbers you can follow the url above.
In addition to the 104NT-4-R025H42G thermistor, there is also an 104NT-4-R025H43G. The part numbers are very close, but the Beta and the resistance curves are quite different on the 43G version.

Also I now have a chance to post the chart I wanted to use earlier.

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