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Layer Skipping/extruding issues
Hi I am running an MK9 with a low friction nozzle. I just started having problems with a jam. So I took it apart and clean and soaked the nozzle and nozzle neck in acetone for 2 days. The pieces we clean and I re calibrated the extruder rate and replaced the nozzle neck and experienced a new problem. The first 50 layers print fine and after that I have spotty layers like my extruder is randomly extruding. I check temperatures and they are not changing. I am stumped at this point. Anyone have any ideas? [Image: Problemwithlayers.jpg]
Check your filament feed... something is jamming up. Or you have a partially clogged nozzle.
Hmmm. I guess I will try the new nozzle today. I am thinking it could also be the tension of the gear and idler. So when it starts to pull on the filament it pulls back on the extruder causing a pause in extrusion. Does anyone know what the best tension is? I have it set so it so I can pull the fillament out with a good grip. Should the filament be tight enough so you can't physically pull it out of the extruder?

I forgot to add that about a month ago I started having problems unloading the filament. I have to now extrude the filament then unload it.
Totally ignoring what I said about filament feed? Spools jam up sometimes, different spools roll differently...

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