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scan failure? anyone else seeing this bug?
Hi all

Is anyone else experiencing the following? Or know if there is a way to enable debugging logs to help troubleshoot?

Da vinci aio 1
F/w 1.1.5
Win 7
Xyzscan 1.4.11

-"Preview" scanning works fine, producing the temp stl file which can be used in xyzware, and in short time frames.

-Full scanning always fails with "bad scan" on any object and 30 min plus processing.

-Calibration fails producing run time error in xyz sca everytime.

Hardware fault can be ruled out by preview successfully working, and put it down to f/w, drivers or xyzscan itself.

I'm going to try alternate configuration in the ini file to see if I can determine the failure.

After that, without further ideas, im going to have be looking at f/w downgrade and or alt versions of Windows and/or drivers.

Anyone see this before?
I don't have an aio, but Davinci is known for communication errors. I suggest a shorter /better USB cable without any guns in the way would be the first thing I would try.


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