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Heater Decoupled Making Me Lose My Mind
Hello All,

I flashed my printer back in January or February and used it for months without any problem until I decided I wanted to upgrade and install the pico. Well when I upgraded I was having issues with the filament not feeding correctly which then eventually led to this heater decoupled error that displays after the extruder fails to heat up. So far I have:

Removed that clip connector completely for the extruder and soldered wire to wire
Replaced the whole wire to the extruder
Cut the plug that connects to the back of the printer and soldered it directly to the pins
Went back to the old extruder and still erroring out

I am pretty much out of ideas any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
What printer, board, firmware, etc?

Printer is da vinci 1.0a so the revised board with the micro sd vs the standard sd, it was on 1.0.3 and is flashed with 0.92 repetier!
It could be a problem with the thermistor, make sure it is securely attached to the heater block and check it for shorts or opens as well.
Probably to late for you but for anyone else with this problem I suffered it today checked all wiring no problems tracked it to Print head not fully clipped back into carriage one trapped tiny wire had prevented solid click and obviously bad connection.

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