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Hor End Jammed. Advice on how to clear?
Have had a Jam on my printer. Tried cleaning with the supplied tool, tried unloading filament etc.

Have now taken the hot end apart and the filament is jammes down inside the metal feed tube, its not stuck out the end so I can't pull it out.

Any ideas on how best to clear it? I was printing ABS so would submerging the hot end in acetone help? (Obviously just the metal part and not the circuit board).

Any other suggestions? Was thinking about carefully running a drill bit down it?

Thanks, Matt.
Is this the stock hot end? Just take it all the way apart, then you can soak the metal in acetone, burn the plastic with a small torch, drill the plastic out, etc as needed. It's a pain. If the clog is this severe though it is likely you have something wrong that caused it to overheat (fan, broken wire, cheap abs that wasn't really abs, etc)


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