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Heater cartridge reads 5.5 ohms not 3.6
I have had error 0013 for months and tonight I think I am getting closer. With a spare Da vince next to mine, I have narrowed things down with a lot of help from this forum.
fan comes on shortly after power up (cold)
Goes into error 0013 after a min or two & beeping
If I quickly go to Unload cartridge. temp says 10degC ...please wait...for ever!

my extruder thermistor 138.0k, mates is 148.1k ??? is that a concern...both at room temp 17 degC
hot end pcb
3 LEDs
the resistors around the 12v heater pins ok - dont have a 1.0A so no R271 (zero resistence) that might blow
checked all cables for secure-ness
checked obvious ones for continuity
checked heatbed thermistor

I have ordered a new cartridge!
Am I right?
Measure voltage at the heater cartridge with the heater unplugged when you first tell it to hear before the error. Then measure again while the heater is connected. Let me know both voltages. Again, must make the measurement before you get the error but while the heater should be on.

Kieth Im not sure what you mean by "Measure voltage at the heater cartridge with the heater unplugged" unplugged? do you mean resistance?

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