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3rd Party Filament Problems
So I decided to go with 3d party filament to keep cost down on a large project. I first tried using a filament re-setter and used hatchbox and gizmodorks filaments. That did not turn out well. The extruded filament is thinner and more stringy than the stock davinci filament. Though it was a software/firmware issue so I tried flashing repetier on the printer. Love the expanded settings. Again I tried both the hatchbox/ gizmo dorks filament and it keeps coming up thin and stringy, its a little better but my prints still failed. I tried the da vinci filament again and its perfect! What can be my problem? Dryness of filament? Given that the da vinci filament stays in a semi-sealed container. Feed rate? Is da vinci filament premium stuff? Are hatchbox/gizmo dork filaments sub par? Ive used hatchbox/gizmo dork filament at work with a flashforge dreamer and my prints are top notch, but I do work in a pretty dry lab.
Hopefully you found your answer already, but I suspect that you are probably heating the filament too much. Try lowering your temperature is. I can tell you the voltivo filament is hands down the best that I've ever used. For generic Prince, and book things that have to be cheap, I generally use hatch box. There is also a filament available at Microcenter, & I believe it is made by Euon but I'm not 100% sure on that. It's cheapest but it does not yield the results of hatchbox much less voltivo. Honestly the only reason I don't print exclusively in voltivo is cost, but I use it whenever I have an important or demanding print. You could also have a partial clog in your nozzle.

Hope this helps.

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