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Old Britle PLA
Found this on Youtube. We all have those old rolls of PLA laying around over a year old that are brittle and unusable. This guy on youtube used boiling instead of the oven to remove the water content from the filament and i have tried it and it does work. Take a pot fill it with water just enough to cover the roll. Heat the water to 65c {150F}. I used a thermocouple to monitor the water. After you hit the target temp turn off fire insert roll in water and let stand for 50 seconds. {{I would not let it go any longer then 50 Seconds}} Remove from water shake off any water that you can and let roll sit for at least 1 to 2 hours so all water drys up. Then start printing. I have a filter that my filament passes through before going into the extruder that helps keep any water that maybe left over from going into the extruder.

Here is the link to the guys youtube video.
Interesting. I'll have to try this when time permits and see what effect it has on print quality. It sort of goes against the common wisdom that moisture in PLA and abs causes bubbles nits and so forth. But, stranger things have been observed, maybe it becomes brittle because the moisture content is too low??


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