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Trouble printing on highest quality.
This printer is driving me crazy. I can print just fine on any of the 3 default setting's in the XYZ software. When it turn each setting up to higher quality the printer messes up. The filament won't feed and it just keeps clicking. I am using v1.1.32.12 of the software and v1.1.J on the printer. I am also using 3rd party filaments. Does anyone have any idea why it does this?

Bed is too close, need to re-level. Clicking means it can't feed filament, and in this case it sounds like it can't feed because the extruder nozzle is blocked by the bed. Works at 0.2+ layer height, but when you drop to 0.1 it is too close to the bed...

Welcome to 3d printing, even $2000 printers have these issues... there's a reason it's not ready for wide-spread consumer market yet.
I was just now printing on .4, the worst default quality and it started click. Last night it printed fine on that quality. I checked the beds calibration and it is 225, 225, 235.

Thanks for the help.
Then the problem isn't related to the quality setting.

You could have a clogged or partially clogged nozzle.
You could have a worn extruder drive gear.
You could have a worn extruder idler or idler arm.
There could be too much resistance in your filament feed system.

What filament are you running? What temperature? How many hours are on the machine?
I figured it out. It is something with the filament. I switched to a different color filament by the same manufacturer and it will print on any quality.


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