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Da Vinci Limitations
Ive had my davinci for about two months now and in that short time my prints have come along way. However they are still far from perfect and I wonder what are realistic goals and expectations even after all the mods and upgrades people here and other places are developing for this machine. At the end of the day I feel like this printer is never going to be a $2-$3000 makerbot. So my question is what is it about this machine that ultimately holds it back? Is it the quality/accuracy of the stepper motors?, the accuracy of the motherboard?, sloppy build quality?... Eventually I want to upgrade my printer to a higher quality machine but I want want to know why that printer will be better than this, not just that it should be better because it's more expensive. Thanks.
Well one thing that I learned was about two years ago I got my first xyz 1.0 printer and did a ton of mods from J head conversion I have the new e3d-v6 on it now changed the mother board to a ramps and just about everything you can do and it prints really close to our works makerbot print but now about 4 months ago I got a new xyz aio print and all I did was installed the stacker hybrid head and use simplify 3-D software and it printed better then the makerbot the huge down fall with this printer is the software but 140 buckfor the software and learning to use all its features it will out print some of the high end printers our work has a makerbot replicator z18 3d printer and some of the prints like carbon fiber, bamboo, ninja flex and bronze print 100 times better on my cheap xyz aio printer running simplify 3D software
I've heard of the ramps before but don't really know much about it. I think the next modification I'm goin to have to make is additional fans, my smaller parts or even smaller parts that are apart of bigger prints are really struggling. Lots of melted looks and blobs of filamentous the outside edges. Still working on getting my circles to print like they should too. Slowly but surely maybe I will get there. Is the $140 software your talking about the 3d simplify? I've just been using repetier and slic3r. Is the fan in the e3d hot end a vast improvement over the stock da vinci 1.0 fan?
That's one thing I keep see that everyone uses multiple programs to make their print with simplify 3D it's all in one and you can print in different heat setting throughout the print

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