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Type of glue/cement for oilite bushings in carriage
I printed out Andy's design for my carriage and the holes for the bushings were a little bit under size. I used a drill press and opened them up but I might have too much play for alignment now. Its about .5mm larger diameter than the 12mm bushings. Is there any kind of cement or glue that I could use to hold these in place that will help fill the .25mm gap all around the bushing? I was thinking abs cement but wasn't sure if it would stick to the bushings. I hope someone can bail me out so that I don't have to reprint.
Smear the inside holes with form a gasket from Permatex then slide a linear rod through to maintain alignment until the silicone dries. I actually prefer this being done, as then you can easily replace the bearings. Unlike my example where I actually press the bearings into the carriage and they won't be unlikely to be able to be changed without swapping carriages.

By inside holes, I mean the holes on the carriage. then you slip the bearing in after the holes have been coated with silicone. Afterwards, place a ride through the bearings to keep them aligned until the silicone dries...

Hope this helps.
Let me try again:

I suggest you play some form a gasket from Permatex into the holes on the carriage. Then insert the bearing, followed by placing one of the linear rods through the bearings to keep the bearings aligned with each other. Hope this makes sense, & I hope it helps. I actually prefer silicone to hold the bearings and place as opposed to my method previously used of pressing the bearings in. When the bearings are pressed in place they are very difficult to service...

*play, place
Thanks for replying. I wasn't sure what would stick to both types of materials. I will go pick some up today and try it out.

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