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Extruder hitting printed parts after about 1cm
I've replaced the firmware of my Davinci 1.0 with Repetier (which is pretty awesome). I ran into the loose bushing issue, fixed it. Calibrated the Z Axis with the plate and extruder hot, which fixed a bunch of issues.

The problem I'm running into now is that the extruder seems to be hitting the print once it gets about 6mm high.

I manually set the Z Index to 80mm, and my calipers actually read 84, so if anything, my extruder should be further away from the bed, not too close. The bottom is sticking awesome, so it's not a curling issue

Filament Type: ABS
Filament Width: 1.75mm (+-.1mm)
Filament Brand: Hatchbox Black (Amazon)
Bed Temp: 90c
Extruder Temp: 220c
Slicer: Slic3r

Has anyone run into this before? I've tried setting my extruder multiplier to .95, but the bits of ABS you see were still there, but the bottom was underextruded. Large gaps between lines.[Image: Back.jpg][Image: Bottom.jpg][Image: Side.jpg][Image: Iso.jpg][Image: Top.jpg]
Have you tried slowing me print speed down? That would be one of the first things I would try, because it might allow the head to actually melt any hi plastic that is in the way and prevent it from damaging the part at least in theory.


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