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It just stopped Extruding.. What happened?
I have a modded davinci 1.0a, After many headaches and ripping my hair out, I finally got this printer working just as I wanted it to. It was going beautifully... that was until it just stopped wanting to extrude. I have leveled the bed, tried every temp for the filament for the extruder and the bed.. everything I can possibly think of. So here is the very strange part about this whole thing.

I load up the filament, it has no issue. (Yes I have checked for clogs until I am blue in the face). I load my STL file, and hit print. Extruder heats up, bed heats up. Please know this is a filament and an STL file I have used before and have gotten successful prints more than once.

The printer finally start to prints. Or tries. you can see it start to make the skirt... then its as if it just stops feeding. The strange part is that I can push the silver medal lever really quick a few times and it starts to extrude again. It will go for a bit then stops again, a quick push of the lever again and it will start to extrude. I keep doing this for the first layer or two then it will start working normally and I can finish my print.

I can't seem to really find away to tighten the lever, but I do find it very odd that when I take the extruder off to clean it I see 2 grooved rollers that obviosly is what is feeding the filament into the heated extruder. The smaller brass one is very snug in rotation. I can still turn it with my fingers. the other roller is a bit larger and silver. I notice that this roller turns freely and will give a slight wobble to it. Can anyone tell me if this is supposed to be this loose? Do I need to figure out how to tight it?

Any idea what is going on here?
The brass wheel, attached to the motor, should be snug and turns with the motor. The larger one is the idler wheel and should be able to turn freely. Your nozzle might be too close to the bed at the beginning of the print causing the filament to get backed up inside. If you've leveled your bed manually, try increasing the gap between the glass bed and the nozzle. If you did it with a piece of paper, try adding another piece of paper. When you're leveling the bed, the temperatures of the bed and nozzle should be the same as the temperatures of the actual print.

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