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Prints messed up when printing tall round parts
I am running Repetier host on a Davinci 1.0a.
In general all prints come out great but I am having problems when printing tall skinny parts , for example the one attached.
Its the base of a spool holder and the center supposed to be a tall skinny shaft. As you can see its completely messed up. Same happened with the spinner.
I would appreciate any help.
Thank you
Zeek[Image: 1439769723697-860401275.jpg][Image: 1439769746625-104604429.jpg]
Print two, or print a "sacrificial cylinder" of the same height also. Or add a layer cooler fan.

The print head is dwelling right on the skinny parts due to the short layer time, and it's not allowing the plastic to cool properly. By printing two (or a sacrificial object) you give it time to cool between layers.
Thanks a lot for the advice. I will give it a shot.

You can have it home X,Y after 1 or 2 layers to give it time to cool. Maybe turn the fan to max? That way you're not wasting filament.

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