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Repetier 0.92 Problems with Slic3r and Cura
Hello, Recently flashed Repetier 0.92 on my Da Vinci 1.0 and I am having problems with slic3r and cura. On Slic3r the extruder and bed temperature wont come to temp before it starts printing, though Repetier shows the set correct temperature, the set temperature on the printer display is much lower. On Cura, it does wait for it to come to temp, but it is not adding any needed supports with any input of overhang angle. Slic3r does add supports.
What are your Cura support settings?
What is your start and end G-code settings in slic3r and cura? I have found that cura will not generate support for overhangs when there is printing directly below the overhang. Supports are only produced for overhangs if they can be printed from the bed up.
I am not at my computer with that information right now. For support, cura has a setting to only generate support connected to the build platform. You want to set that to Everywhere and it should generate the support for you.

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