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Configuring S3D to work with 1.0AiO repetier 0.92
Hi all,

again a few troubles, I've recently bought S3D, and to use it went back to stock firmware version J (tried others too). I was quite upset to discover that it disabled my Z axis, but S3D 3.0.1 connected smoothly. Yet, you'll agree without Z axis the printer's quite useless...
So I went back to repetier 0.92, and it works fine. But I've paid a few bucks for S3D so I'd like to use it...
I tried to configure a printer of the type "other" with the build size of the Da Vinci and selecting firmware "Reprap (Merlin/repetier/sprinter)", set the com port and the baudrate as on repetier which works fine (COM6 baud 230400 in my case), but I'm unable to connect...

Does anyone have an idea? know how to set up the firmware in S3D (if you have a .frm file it'd be perfect)?

Thanks for your help!

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