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Smoke Checked my DaVinci
I have a DiVinci 1.0 running Repetier .92. I am a Network Admin, retired on disability. I know my way around electronics, by no means an expert, and I am very good at troubleshooting. I have been having an issue for the past few weeks where the printer would turn off while the bed and extruder were coming up to temperature. It would always happen late in the cycle, and I could reboot and restart the print and it would proceed. Once the print actually started it would never shutdown. Kinda suspected the power supply as I have added a fan and upgraded both the bed and extruder heaters. I was going to ask for ideas but never got around to it since it was mostly just an inconvenience. I tell you this as background information in case it impacts my present problem.

Yesterday, for the first time, the printer did shutdown as a print was nearing completion. I cursed a bit, let it cool down, and turned it back on only to have the build chamber immediately fill up with smoke. Obviously I turned the printer off again and began my search for burnt and/or hot components.

I found the yellow wire from the main board to the extruder board was badly burnt along it's entire length. The yellow wire connects to the ground plane on the extruder board, Pin 3 on the J4 connector. It could be anything that went bad. I reversed engineered the extruder control board (see schematic.)
[Image: Fixed_Schematic.jpeg]
I have also attached a few photos of the board, the component U1 appears to have a slight crusting around pin 4 as does R1 next to it. I am not certian what U1 is, it appears to be perhaps an optio-isolator but I am not sure. I read in another thread that it is a sensor for the idler wheel, which does sound reasonable although I don't know why it would be needed.

Ironically, the part I was printing when it smoked was the last piece for my E3D upgrade. I am thinking I can do away with this board completely when I do the upgrade. I just need to buy the new extruder... Too bad I also need to replace my air conditioner right now. Five grand on a fixed income hurts.

I realize I have not asked a specific question, but I would appreciate any comments or thoughts on any part of this post...

[Image: 20150814_132517.jpg]

signed, Printerless and A/C less in Florida.
If a wire burnt, you probably shorted something.

U1 is an optical sensor to "read" the idler wheel. It's totally useless once on repetier. You can remove the extruder board completely... there are other threads on here about it.

I upgraded my power supply to a 320W after I had similar power-off while heating problems. No issues since... but I'm running higher watt extruder heating, higher watt heated bed, extra fan, and a RPi B. Have had no issues since the new supply.

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