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Davinci propper load filament but do not print
hello , so a couple of days ago anything was working fine , then the extruder started printing bad pieces with much more less abs , then I thought ok I have a clog , removed anything and drowned in pure acetone for 4 hours , burned the hell out of it with a torch and cleaned deeply good , no remains or dark spot , mounted and load filament is ok , straight thick line , but when I send the print the extruder "piss" an hair like abs string , too less plastic , but the extruder is deep clean now , what can it be? the idle and the gear works propperly and they never slip or click

PS: the load filament give me a 0,64mm thick rod , or 0,0251968504 inches , can someone with a deep clean and unclog printer measures his load rod and tell me his diameter? so I can check if mine is clean or still have a clog thanks
My Da Vinci 1.0 extrudes a .49mm string measured with a cheap caliper.
thank you I solved it at the end , were a combination of a clogged extruder at the start , then I found the idle gear not spinning 3 times on 4 , then the bed was mis calibrated now it works fine

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