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What is possible with 2.0A and 1.0.F?
Hi everyone.
I've had my Duo for 2 weeks or so now and I've started exploring what mods I can make. I need to continue to use XYZware for a while because my wife and kids are using the printer and I don't want to kill their fun by flashing with Repetier 0.92 and make them learn more new software. Maybe in a few months it will me all mine, but until then..... Or maybe they'll also get sick of the XYZ problems and ask me to flash it lol

So what can I exploit and still keep it relatively stock?
Can I revert the firmware to allow the use of a cartridge resetter? If so, would I also need a specific version of XYZware to match?
Are the files on the SD card encrypted? Can I use Slic3r and copy/paste onto the SD directly? Oh, and I can't get the clear green glue to let go. I've scrapped it away but the card still won't come free. Any ideas?

Sorry for all the questions, I've done a fair bit of research and am a bit confused. Jumping into all this recently.

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