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Is it Possible to use other Filaments with Firmware 1.1.5
Hi everyone,

I have just bought, well my wife bought me a Da Vinci AIO for my birthday. I have used the supplied filament and was wondering if it is possible to reset the cartridge using the Arduino pro Mini hack, I would also like to be able to use the Repetier firmware, but I believe it is not compatible with firmware 1.1.5 as of yet. I think this would mean I could install third party filaments in place of the expensive xyz filaments.

Thanks for your time and reply.
well i have 1.1.5 and everything stock except for the tip and i have used carbon fiber bronze and even ninjaflex but have only been able to make it work with simplify3d the software lets me change the temp and speed cause ninja flex to get good print must rum really slow
Let me figure this out here. From my understanding of users of the Da Vinci 3D printers only proprietary filament cartridges can be used, unless you updated their firmware of the 3d printer with third party firmware, like Repetier, but this also leads to the scanning function of the Da Vinci AIO becoming unusable as it is not supported by Repetier. Are your Carbon Fibre Bronze proprietary filament cartridges or third party cartridges?

I have stock xyz firmware on mine and all I did was reset my filament cartridge that came with the printer to 9999 meters of filament and I use the simplify 3D software to change my speed and temperature for both the hotend and the bed it even lets you change the temps throughout the print process so you don't burn the bottom of your long prints but I did have to modify the the hotend so I can use makerbot tips cause I found them in stainless steel and different sizes but other then that my printer is stock no firmware change or major mods needed all software
Thanks Rick,
After reading your reccomendation I purchased the software (SIMPLIFY3D) what an amazing piece of software, it has controls the the XYZ software should have.!! Also ordered a zerocart.. These things combined should give my AIO a more improved functionality.

I have one question, is there a better default temp to use than the AIO's 213/214 degrees and the bed's 90 degrees ?
It all depends on who's filament you are using I use color fabb and got by their settings cause like carbon fiber prints different then the bronze or bamboo just be careful with carbon fiber cause it eats out the tip and I had to modify my to use a stainless steel tip
Cool thanks, im just a newbie so exotic filaments are a long way down the road, I read in the other msgs that the zerocart doesnt work with 1.1.5.. hope thats not true lol.. I just bought one.. youre using a zerocart with yours running 1.1.5 right ?
I have xyzpro but I just set the length and I use simplify 3d to do the temp but I have two xyz Filament cartridges One pla and one abs just for the base settings but I found out with using color fabb xl color line unlike some of the cheap stuff you buy off eBay it's the same size and requires the same heat setting thru out the role

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