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Printing problems.
My printer was working fine then it started printing bad. The parts that I have been looking like there's holes in them and are very week. I've cleaned the nozzle with acetone and levelled the bed but it has not helped. Does anyone have any idea's?[Image: IMAG0029.jpg]
Are you using the stock firmware?

If so, did you update recently?
The firmware and software are both stock. I opened the filament a week ago. It printed the parts fine then started acting up. I haven't done any updates.
Could it be that the filament in the cartridge is binding? That may cause some issues that look like underextruding - which is what this looks like. Try taking the filament out of the cartridge, putting the cartridge back together and in the machine and feeding the filament that way and see what the print looks like.
I've done that a few times already.

Not sure, then. I flashed mine to Repetier to have more control over these parameters a while back because every time I updated my software from XYZ, there was some issue that wouldn't resolve itself. Maybe someone else here has an answer - sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Thanks for the help. I'm thinking about flashing repeater to mine. Can you still use the stock da Vinci software? Does repeater make 3rd party filaments work better?
You don't use the stock software any more after flashing. You use repetier host at that point. With that sofware, you can control all aspects of your print and use any filament you want without restriction. The slicer seems to work better, too.

It requires a little more work to get set up, like the bed leveling - I would do the manual process. It worked and I didn't have to redo it for months. You can find that process in these forums with a search. There are also other modifications that you can make to the machine at that point if you want, but that is a personal preference.
I tried a few different filaments that I have and all my 3rd party filaments mess up. My Da Vinci filaments work perfect. All of my filaments worked great until now. I haven't made any changes since I got the printer.
Partially clogged or wear on the extruder gear/idler.
I found the problem. My own filaments work fine, the 3rd party filaments are messing up. I put my oem cartridge in the printer then used my 3rd party filament. It worked perfect. I've been using and arduino to rest my filament counter. Sometimes is wrong with the code I have been using. Does anyone have a good code for resetting the counter?


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