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Extruder board essentially destroyed :(
Hi, I finally joined this super helpful forum!

Unfortunately, it's due to me being a bit too rough with the extruder carriage, resulting in the board that connects the thermistor, the fan, and the filament sensor. The C6 capacitor is gone, the U1 package is almost completely off (it pulled up its traces, which I can't show in the photos below) and the R4 resistor is likely damaged too. I've opened a ticket with XYZprinting to see if I can get just the board without the rest of the extruder assembly as the rest of it is intact. Does anyone here know if I have any other options besides acquiring a replacement board? Is there a circuit I could make that replicates the behavior of the missing components? Thank you all in advance for reading! [Image: broken_board_zoom.jpg][Image: broken_board.jpg][Image: broken_board2.jpg][Image: broken_board4.jpg]
U1 is a sensor to read the idler wheel... totally not needed.

Honestly, the whole board can be taken out... there are threads on here about it.

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